Want to recover from birth the natural way?


How could it help me?


More and more clinical trials are being conducted as the demand for encapsulation is rising by the day. What we know for sure is that the placenta contains the following hormones and we know how these relate to your body:

· Oxytocin, or otherwise known as the “love or bonding” hormone is also the hormone that makes you have contractions when in labour. It is this ability to contract the uterus that reduces bleeding. 

· Prolactin, or the “Mummy Milk Maker” hormone as we like to call it in the Midwifery world along with Human Placental Lactogen (HPL) to help get you ready to feed your baby

· Corticotropin (CRH), which is a fabulous stress reducing hormone that is found in high quantities in the placenta. 

Studies have been and are being conducted to confirm and prove the safety of consuming your placenta, when you use a reputable company like us

What our clients have said about encapsulation.....

Their milk supply....

"My milk supply is so good for the twins!"

"I have been taking 2 a day for the last 2 weeks and I have plenty of milk and am so enjoying breastfeeding, even in public and at 4am!!"

"I forgot to take my capsules yesterday and I noticed a massive drop in my milk supply today so i've started them again straight away!"

"Milk milk has come in beautifully and i have a thriving baby boiy."

Their energy levels....

"I can't tell you how different i feel this time around compared to i felt after having (A...). I definitely have more energy..." (This was after a twin caesarean!)

"I feel positively energetic!"

"My energy levels are through the roof!"

"I feel great 2 weeks in, totally different to my first baby and I can only put that down to the placenta capsules"

Their mood....

"Everyone keeps noticing my mood lifts when I have taken my capsules..."

"I am coping so much better on limited sleep!"

"Everyone asks me how I coped with a newborn so well, I have enjoyed every second and feel so positive. I truly believe my placenta capsules have supported this."

"I've had zero hormonal wobbles this time and I definitely put that down to the capsules"

"I don't know how I would have managed this time without my placenta pills"

"A week since my section and I feel on top of the world!"

After the capsules...

"I have just finished my capsules and I feel absolutely amazing!!"

"Kirsty I'm very sad one bottle of pills have finished already :-( I feel like I could have 10 kids if I felt like this after each baby!They're honestly amazing!" 

"I've just ordered my tincture, I cannot not have any form of placenta help going forward with 3 children under 5!"

Physiological changes...

"During my pregnancy I had low platelets and iron. My last platelet count after birth was 87 which was a real worry, and my iron was 94. I've learnt today (after taking capsules) that they are now 206 and 111 respectively!!!"

"I had been up all night with baby but I used my facial oil and my skin is fantastic this morning!"

"Not to mention my scar has healed so much faster this time around"


"My recovery has been amazing, the placenta is so powerful. I would recommend placenta encapsulation to everyone!" - London

"I've had three babies now and I have never felt like this so good a week after the birth!" Amazing postnatal recovery Chatham

"I can't thank you enough, let alone all the good stuff the capsules are giving me right now!" Maidstone

"Hey Kirsty, firstly WOW how amazing are these pills. So today is 1 week since my c section and I've never felt so good I was still in so much pain after my first, but today I have actually been out pain free even managed to do a food shop I'm not even taking any pain relief anymore, I was so down at this point before, I so wish I had known about the benefits of encapsulation  when I had my first. Thank you for so much for such a quick service I am well and truly feeling back to myself!"

"My recovery has been so much quicker than my friends. They are all wishing they had encapsulated their placenta with Kirsty."