Placenta Pills/Capsules

There are two ways to encapsulate your placenta but what are the differences? See below to find out more:

Steamed Method


The Placenta is steamed with aromatics before being dehydrated and encapsulated. 

Simple Dried Method


In this method the Placenta is not steamed before hand but processed first in the dehydrator. Still processed to high temperatures to ensure safe consumption. This also tends to yield more capsules from each placenta



A combination of both methods, produced in separate jars. Have both types for whichever mood you feel on the day!

Other Products

Placenta Tincture

Tincture is a strong, long term remedy. A small piece of your Placenta is steeped in alcohol for 6 weeks and vacillated daily. The mixture is then expertly filtered providing you with a "Mother Bottle" and smaller dropper bottle. Used in drops of water when needed. 

Placenta Essence

The Placenta "Mother" Essence. A small piece of Placenta is steeped in distilled water for 4 hours in natural sunlight before being combined with equal parts quality vodka. Supplied with tamper proof miron violet glass dropper bottle it is then rediluted and used as drops or massaged on pulse points.


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