FAQ on Placenta Encapsulation

How does it all work?

We provide everything you need to safely store your placenta for your placenta encapsulation, so there is nothing else to think about other than yourself and baby. Everything is single use so you never need to worry about cross contamination.. This is sent out at 36 weeks. You notify us once in labour and then again when baby has arrived. Some hospitals or birth units in London and Kent and Maidstone, I have negotiated for clients to keep the cool packs in the freezer. Ask me for more info on which. If you are having baby at home then I recommend still using the chiller pack for optimum temperature. The placenta is then collected asap. Guaranteed is 12 hours, but the usual time is under 4 hours. The placenta is then taken to the lab for processing and capsules are returned within 48 hours.

Am I suitable for encapsulation?

There are a few conditions that would make it not possible for us to encapsulate your placenta, and some that would mean we can only offer you certain products. We cannot offer encapsulation to smokers as it is not safe for consumption. We cannot encapsulate if there has been a uterine infection or if the Placenta has not been stored correctly. We are always available over the phone for any queries

Is it safe to consume my placenta?

Your placenta acts as a filter between you and baby, not as storage of harmful material, this is processed by mums liver, heart and kidneys. The exception to this is heavy metals and toxins found in cigarettes, therefore we are not able to encapsulate placentas of smokers

Can I have encapsulation if I have a caesarean or if I am induced?

Yes, neither of these are an issue for encapsulation

Am I allowed to take my Placenta away from the hospital?

Yes, there are only a few occasions that you would not be able to, for example if the Placenta needed to be sent to Pathology. These are very rare and we would always advise if placenta encapsulation was not possible. 

I'm having a water birth can I encapsulate?

Yes absolutely, however the Placenta must be delivered on dry land and on a clean surface such as an inco-pad. We cannot process the Placenta if you have delivered it into the water due to infection control

I am on medication, can I still encapsulate?

Entirely depends on the medication and we also ask that you check with your prescriber as to whether or not encapsulation is suitable with your medication

What happens if there is meconium? Or I am GBS positive can you help me?

If meconium is present at birth then we cannot offer the simple method we must use the steamed method. If you are GBS positive then this same rule will apply. See more info on the difference below

What if my baby comes early?

Premature birth is not a contra indication to encapsulation, in fact these Mums could benefit even more from having help with lactation. As long as there is no issue with the placenta it can be safely encapsulated. Please let us know if you have a history of pre-term delivery, and we will ensure you receive your cooler pack in plenty of time. We recommend that you book as early as possible during your pregnancy, just incase

How many pills will I get?

Depends entirely on the size of your Placenta and the method of encapsulation. Average yield is between 80-200 pills

How far in advance should I book?

As early as possible but at least 4 weeks before the birth is ideal. This gives us plenty of time to arrange your delivery of placenta encapsulation kit and answer any queries you may have. However there is no minimum time so even if you are over due get in touch we may still be able to help!

How to pay

When you book in we ask for a non-refundable £50 deposit. When we deliver your kit at 36/37 weeks we will require full payment of your chosen products. If for any reason your Placenta is deemed unsuitable for placenta encapsulation, we will refund the full amount minus the deposit to you. If your Placenta is not suitable for all the products you have paid for, the difference will be refunded

How do I know its hygenic?

At The Placenta Pro, hospital grade cleanliness is our norm. All Placentas are prepared in our designated Placenta lab. Fully qualified in Infection Control, Food Hygiene and Safety for Manufacturing, HACCP and registered with Environmental Health with a 5* equiv rating, you can rest assured your Placenta is in the best hands. Click the link below to see one of our labs. We were the first in Kent and South London legally registered to provide placenta pills for mothers.

How do I know another client won't be delivering when I am?

At The Placenta Pro, we only take on a certain number of clients per month to ensure that we can guarantee the highest standard of service for placenta encapsulation. It is therefore recommended that you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. We cover all of London and Kent.

The prices look great, are there hidden extras?

No, all prices seen on the website are fully inclusive and include complimentary hire of our single use chiller pack

I have a quetion thats not listed here?

That's not a problem, just drop us a line with your enquiry and we will be happy to help