Client Testimonials

Some of our wonderful clients thoughts.....

"Kirsty is not only extremely knowledgeable on her subject matter due to her background as a Midwife, but also possess excellent communication skills and was on time, an increasingly rare phenomena sadly."

"It is all the more reassuring to chat to someone as easy going as Kirsty who can speak from experience as a mother as well as someone who operates as a professional."

"The whole experience was slick and painless (apart from the labour part of course) and the products were in our possession in what seemed a blink of an eye and packaged beautifully."

"I have only tried the tablets so far but feel positive and energised after 2 days! I'm absolutely delighted and would recommend the product and importantly "The Placenta Pro" 100% to any mother."

Rima, Kent

"Simply amazing! From start to finish, the communication, advice, professionalism with a sincere personal touch.You made me feel amazing and these capsules are now continuing the special journey with me. You were so efficient with responses. You collected the placenta immediately. You worked on production instantly. You had them ready and delivered to me that same day! Your packaging and presentation was stunning. You are above and beyond. Thank you so much. Anyone would be lucky to have your service. I wish you all the world of success. You have a fantastic business and are an amazing person. xxx"

SC, Bexley, Kent

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to say the biggest THANK YOU!!! Firstly you have been a true blessing, without you and your advice I don't think I would have gotten the birth I wanted! I only wish you had been my Midwife! Secondly, the service that you provide is incredible, from end to end I can not fault you. Keep doing what you are doing because you're amazing at it! I loved how the tablets arrived yesterday, I didn't expect them to come so perfectly packaged. The way you presented them made them even more special. I can hand on heart say I will be recommending you to all of my pregnant friends. I can't wait to receive my tincture in a few weeks, and I only hope the tablets and tincture work half as well as you do! Thank you again.xx"

MB, Bexley, Kent

"I just wanted to let you know I received my capsules box yesterday and also to say thanks for everything. You've been brilliant help and so easy to communicate with too. THANK YOU SO MUCH!" LK Sussex

"Hi Kirsty, I just wanted to say thankyou for everything. Lovely packaging and I will definitely be recommending you to people! Thank you again xx" NM, Dartford

"Loving my capsules and essence - thank you!" LC, Essex

"Hi Kirsty, Thank you so much for my capsules, I can't believe how quickly you came to collect my Placenta! and how quickly you got the capsules back to me! Looking forward to reaping the benefits of my capsules!" JD, Dartford

"I can't tell you how different I feel this time around compared to how I felt after my first son. I definitely have more energy and am coping with limited sleep well. My milk supply is good and my recovery is going well. during the pregnancy I had low iron and platelets, which was a worry. My last check they are 206 and 111 respectively! Could it be the capsules?!? I'll definitely recommend encapsulation to my friends I'm so glad I did it. Thank you also for your flexibility and support given our precarious situation." RR, London

"Kirsty, Thank you. You were amazing. Just a week before my due date I contacted her, she responded the same day with my equipment in the post. Spoilt to have the most wonderful lady to answer any questions or concerns, and always with a smile. My placenta was back to me the day after I delivered. So prompt and packaged so beautifully. Can't thank you enough, lest we mention all the stuff the encapsulation is giving me right now! I'll be back in a few years!" SR, 


“Everyone asks me how I have coped with a new born and I am so lucky to say that I have enjoyed every second and feel so positive. I truly believe my placenta tablets have supported this. I have been taking 1 or 2 per day and am lucky to say I have plenty of milk feel positively energetic and am enjoying breastfeeding in public and at 4am! The placenta is so powerful and I would highly recommend this process to everyone. Thank you again.” SC Bexley

"The Midwives were so impressed with you and it was like unwrapping a present on Christmas Day!"

"I felt as if you were one of my "tribe" becoming a mother is the bets thing in the world, but after a long labour recovery could have been very hard for me. You swept in, took care of things with relaxed communication with my partner, i didnt have to do a thing. I wholeheartedly believe encapsualting my placenta was the best thing I ever did for my family. The level of professionalism and experienced care I felt in Kirsty's hands was second to none and I cannot recommend her highly enough." AL Colchester

"Kirsty is so lovely and helpful and she totally understood my situation during labour as she is a midwife and a mum so has seen and done it all!" RH

"Wow, what can i say. This company is amazing! From the minute you enquire to when youve got your capsules and on, Kirsty is so lovely. Comparing my recovery to my friends mine was so much quicker. I was walking round the shops in the first week, my milk supply has come in beautifully and I now have a very happy healthy growing boy. If you're even slightly thinking about it, just do it I highly recommend it." FE